how we stay at the leading edge

it’s our investment in technology

m•tec invests in the best technology to ensure the highest quality and provide the best possible product.  we choose the top software, the most efficient hardware and the best training to enable us to perform at the highest level.  as a result, we are able to complete extremely large and complex projects successfully.

m•tec uses building information modelling to produce exceptional results.  we use bim in multiple ways to elevate our product.  we import engineering models and export our models for collaboration with fabricators, engineering review processes and site contractor use.  this enhances the construction process and enables issues to be corrected sooner and with less impact on the project schedule.

mtec uses tekla structures

mtec uses autodesk autocad


m•tec provides clear, concise drawings to the highest accuracy.  dimensions are clearly shown and drawings are individually reviewed to ensure quality and minimize fabrication time.  drawings are transferred in pdf or other formats as required.

nc data

m•tec provides nc data tailored to the fabricator’s individual requirements.  data is customized to suit specific machinery for the fabrication shop.  This ensures high quality fabrication and minimizes shop fabrication schedules.

model extracts

m•tec provides reports and model data for each customer.  reporting can be custom written to suit specific requirements.  bim extracts of models in many different formats can be provided for collaboration, engineering review or other purposes.