high standards and efficiency

saving you time and money

we are an integral asset and work with engineering and fabrication companies from project inception.

our superior quality and aggressive scheduling makes m•tec your first choice.

how we lead the way

it’s our people

our team at m•tec is composed of individuals from around the world with diverse experience, top level training and irreplaceable knowledge.  our dedicated detailers, checkers and project managers are able to handle any project regardless of complexity or tonnage.  we work side by side with industry professionals in engineering, construction and architecture to produce the best possible product.

a look at what we do

structural detailing is just one element

our expertise is offered directly to fabricators, engineering offices, construction management companies and project owners.  our capabilities include structural steel detailing for industrial plants, government projects, commercial buildings and many other highly complex and interesting projects.  we excel even with demanding schedules and large volumes of steel.  we use a collaborative bim approach to produce fabrication and erection drawings of the highest quality and accuracy.  we provide nc data in any format required including customizable programming for any new tooling requirements.  we also provide customized reporting and data extracts to suit the needs of each customer.  we aim to resolve project issues at the earliest stage to expedite the contract through efficient detailing and management practices minimizing cost and time during fabrication and erection.